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After a couple of years on the ground due to life getting in my way, I have decided that I have to start hanggliding again. Not flying simply isn't an option.
One of the reasons that I haven't flown, is that in my country the sport has shrank so far that there are not enough instructors left to get enough flights to get my rating.

The hanggliding schools in my area have joined hands in order to keep the sport afloat and to offer enough instruction to get people their rating. This is great and I deeply appriciate their efforts, but as I can't choose when I take my vacation there is no way that I can get enough flights to get my rating. I have about half the year off, but it never seems to line up with more than one or two weeks per year

So I am looking for a instructor that does more than 3 weeks per year of mountain flighing, and that speaks english well enough. Anywhere in europe. Any leads are welcome, I have to find a way back in to the air.

Since English is obligatory at school in the german speaking countries,
You have big choice and teaching in english is mainly no big deal, but clarify that with every single instructor / HG school on the telephone before making travel plans or contracts.

Then it depends on wether You want alpine footlaunch or are willing to tow.
Towing NW Germany: www.linkingwings.de

German Alps: www.abschweb.net or
Deep Bavaria https://www.drachenfliegen-tegernsee.de

Austria https://www.austriafly.at/drachen or
https://www.zillertaler-flugschule.com/ and many more.

From the Swiss instructors I don´t know definitively on their english skills,
but recommendable for hanggliding are at least:
Condor: www.deltaflugschule.ch or
Zwyssig: www.luftarena.ch

Choose wisely, but don´t wait any longer.
CU in the air, W.

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