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By Jakub
Hi, I am thinking of buying flex 2 as my first harness (I am also buying my first glider soon)

I was thinking tho.. shall I buy brand new tailored to fit one or am I going to be ok with a second hand? I am pretty thin and tall so it might be a bit harder to find the right fit for me, hehe.

Also, I am not playing to give up with this sport anytime soon so maybe an investment to such harness is a viable option?


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By DAVE 858
If you are going to buy something new it should be your harness. Everything else u can pick up used. Nothing wrong with used harnesses if they fit properly & therein lays the problem. Finding a used harness that fits right might take some time and I'm willing to bet it won't save you much money. I think its worth it to get a new harness. Literally everything else including your reserve parachute u can get used.
By Jakub
Thank you very much for that reply. I just ordered my first (new) harness
By blindrodie
Well..........what did you get!?

By Jakub
I still haven't.

I managed to buy a hang Glider. An used AirBorne Sting in a good condition and am still deciding on which harness to buy.
I just came across http://harness.hangglider.kiev.ua/ and their 'Acro' seems to be a good value harness., I just need to contact WW about their Flex2 and how much does it weight for my size as I have only about 12kgs left until i hit the top of the recommended hook in weight for my glider (I am going to be flying mostly in the Alps and I was advised to fly a smaller glider). The Flex2 is 3/4 more expensive than the Igor Nakonechnyi's 'Acro' harnesses so I think I will take this into consideration too.

So ~12 kgs left for my harness + reserve

I also considered http://www.fillo.cz and http://www.xwings.com.br/
Fillo seems to be pretty heavy where the xwings seems to be a bit more expensive when I take into account shipping costs etc

To be honest, choosing a harness turned out to be a more difficult task than I expected.
By blindrodie
Well hang in there. Christmas is right around the corner!!

I spent a lot of time and money buying used ones, BUT I always got an agreement to return for full refund minus shipping if it did not fit. Took long time but did save me money in the long run.

Being able to wear it and hang in it was invaluable. Don't for get High Energy Sports unless you want sing;e suspension. As
a Dealer I can help you with contact if you need it.


By blindrodie
Funny, Ryan Voight said the same thing. According to the phone conversation I had with Bill (new owner) a few months ago H.E.S. is alive and well thanks to his agreement with Betty (former owner and founder).

The webite still shows HG harnesses in the products line. I have new .pdf order forms. Guess I should call and see what's up...

How did you hear this?

By blindrodie
Just sent a request for info. Again, the website is up to date and provides numerous choices on getting yourseld a harness or parachute , etc.

By blindrodie
Hi James,

The harness section is still going -- Smaller than it used to be but still going strong. Let me know if you need anything.

All my best,


Mike Berge
General Manager

High Energy Sports, Inc.
1081 N. Shepard Street Unit A
Anaheim, CA 92806

Ofc: 714.632.3323
Fx: 714.632.6622
Mob: 714.809.7093

By Jakub
I just had a chance to test out the Woody Valley Flex 2 and I decided to take that.
It seems to be the best option for me as I am located in Europe and having a HES or other American brand would only make it difficult in case of repairs etc.

One more thing though, in case of reserves, had there been any improvements in past years or 'it doesn't really matter which one as soon as it's from a reliable brand' ?
By Goonie
Opted for the Quantum reserve parachute instead of the Lara Gold.

Although the Lara Gold packs smaller in your harness, the Quantum uses a thread that is superior to the thread used in the Lara Gold.

Do your research on this forum regarding the differences between the two to come to your own conclusions.
Woody Valley craftsmanship and attention to detail are top notch. Would be curious to hear your thoughts on the Flex harness after using it a month or two.

Looking forward to your follow-up.
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