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By Andrew Vanis
any direct contact for those folks down there? the link takes me to a locked yahoo group. heading down there Sunday.
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Tim won't be much help... he's here in NY
By Michael Knapp
There are several places to fly in CR. There is a site in Jaco that is good for HG and Para gliders. About an hour north of Jaco is a place called Caldera. It is on the coast and can be flown year round. There is a very nice restaurant next to launch. The owner of the restaurant is very helpful and runs the launch. There is also a great mountain launch in Dominical which is about 90 minutes south of Jaco. Five pilots from Sylmar recently went to CR and flew these sites. We had a great time. The sites were great and the local are friendly. It is important to connect with local pilots to obtain access to these sites. I do not have any phone #'s but the Caldera launch and facility used to be advertised in the HG Mag.

Mike K
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