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By sg
I added a random quote to the top of the front page

The community can add more quotes here:

I have APPROVALS turned OFF for now, so knock yourself out :thumbsup:

PLEASE be sure to double check the quotes list before submitting a new quote :goodidea:
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By sg
I decided I need to incorporate first so 40% of the donations dont go to uncle sam. I could set it up now, but then Id have to delete everyone subscription and ask them to start all over again, and I really dont want to do that. Couple more months and I should be ready to go.
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By sg
Here is my favorite quote in the database so far

"Just brings a tear to my eyes............Now piss off!" - noman

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By rafaelcjr
sg wrote:I added a random quote to the top of the front page
That's great :thumbsup:
This reminds me of a quote in a Spanish song that I have here in my PC
at work which sort of relates to flying. The quote is:
"May the baggage never ballast your wings."

The song is by Joaquin Sabina a singer from Spain.
It's title is NOCHES DE BODA (Wedding Nights)
The song is like a list of toasts to the future.

Here I have included the best translation I could of the prose in the song
without the chorus part. As I said the song is like a long list of drinking toasts
to life and the future. (some quite poetic)

Here is Hoping from Now On:
  • - That your face paint never extinguish your smile.
    - That the baggage will never Ballast your WINGS!
    - That the calendar will not come with haste.
    - That dictionaries will stop bullets.
    - That blinds will always open to a new dawn.
    - That the wants' win over the coulds'.
    - That those that wait will not count the hours.
    - That those that kill will die of fear.
    - That the end of the World catch you dancing.
    - That the stage color your grey hairs.

    - That you never know neither how, nor when
    and you never conform not yesterday, nor tomorrow.

    - That a good heart never goes out of fashion.
    - That Autumns tan your skin.
    - That truths never have a guilt complex
    - That lies would appear just like lies.
    - That mirrors never agree with you.
    - That it will always favor you to watch what you are seeing.
    - That neglect never takes care of you.
    - That every meal be like your last supper.
    - That being brave will not be so expensive
    - That being a coward will not be worth the effort.
    - That they never buy you for less than anything.
    - That they never sell you love without thorns.
    - That they don't put you to sleep with fairy tales.

    And that they never close the Bar down the corner.
The chorus repeats: that every night would be like a wedding night
and that every moon would be like a honeymoon.

here is a link to a live performance of the song (this video cuts short)
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By hgflyer
Here's an hgflyer special......

I'm stupid......What makes me genious..........................Is I have never forgotten, that I'm stupid!!!!!!!!!!
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By hgflyer
Another hgflyer special......A friend once asked me about perfection? And what it takes to become perfect?

I resp0nded......I'm not perferct......I just have moments of perfection :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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By hgflyer
I want my life to be just a moment of perfection :shock:
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By hgflyer
I hope I did not come off as selfish? Moments of perfection belong to everyone!!!!!!!!
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By wasabi
To go up push out
To go down push out further
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By rafaelcjr
not sure where I saw this one

Old Chinese proverb,
"Man who fly base leg with wind up ass, got rocks in head.
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By dayhead
"Aviation is inherently dangerous"
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By gerg
I've always been fond the connotation in the phrase/idea that we "commit aviation".

As if it's a violation of natural laws, and is a pre-meditated crime against these natural forces that are otherwise determined to keep us earth-bound. We have to stay one step ahead of Mother Earth or she'll catch us doing something we're not naturally supposed to do and will punish us if she finds out what we've been doing when her back's been turned.
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By spork
The sky is NOT the limit - the ground is!
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By jimrooney
Dig it man! excellent new feature :)
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By Jason
its better to die then to look bad, but its possible to do both :crazy:
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By spekkinout
Redbeard wrote:..."Never Land On Your Face"
I saw this on the front page, I believe we can attribute that quote to one Don Glass, who's broken face x-ray is prominently featured on the original t-shirt with that quote. If it wasn't him that said it (could he talk at the time?), I don't think his HG peers who made the shirts would mind him getting the credit for it, poor guy!
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By Skyhighwoman
I was going through some old emails and I came across this one it is worth sharing. This was sent by Ken DeRussey to a very good friend of mine Don. The email was sent in '98 I have kept it ever since.

Ken I hope you do not mind me sharing. It is something that I do read from time to time. I also took it to heart. THANKS!!!

Make a better effort to recognize the weaknesses in your flying that
you have been denying, and take immediate steps to correct them. Do
not fear that looking at the dangers realistically will make you more
likely to drop out. I think ignoring, disrespecting, and trivializing
the dangers by poorly training or preparing to fly, rapidly advancing etc. is more likely to spell the end to your involvement in flight


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