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Windfestival and Steeple Chase:

The windfestival is off site from Marina were they will have kite flying. The steeple chase being held at Marina.

Date: May 10-11, 2008
Registration will be at Marina State Beach Saturday only 8-10am.
Pilots Meeting 10am each day.

Contestants will Start at Marina State Beach/Ramp, Fly to a pre-determined Turn Point and Return to a Goal line at Marina State Beach.

Saturday: 3 Flights maximum for scoring. Fastest time scores for the day. Sunday: 2 Flights maximum for scoring. Fastest time scores for the day

HangGliding will have 2 Classes.
FlexwingSport (FS) and Topless Flexwing(TF).
FlexwingSport and Topless Flexwing will race for elapsed time from Launch to Indianhead Turn point and back to goal at Marina.

FlexwingSport will be any HangGlider with a Kingpost as manufactured.
Topless Flexwing will be any HangGlider manufactured without upper rigging for support as manufactured.

All HangGliding Pilots must have a current USHPA rating of H2 minumum with RS/WCL(RidgeSoaring/WindyCliffLaunch) sign off.

HangGliding FlexwingSport(FS) Prize Distribution.

1st Place $400
2nd Place $200
3rd Place $100

HangGliding Topless Flexwing(TF) Prize Distribution

1st Place $500
2nd Place $300
3rd Place $150

Winners will be determined by the Total of Saturday and Sunday Fastest times for each Class.
All Entrants will have a Marina Wind Festival Steeple Chase Supporter Logo TBD.

No FlexwingSport(FS) or Topless Flexwing(TF) may be modified from Original Equipment Manufactures Design.

A Topless Rigid Wing(TRW) Class may be added as a separate Race if there is interest (Min. 3 Pilots, Prize = entry fee Total from TRW entries.

All Protests of Disputes will be determined by DOG (Meet Director).

Entry for Flexwing Class is $25, Flexwing Topless Class is $25, Topless Rigid Wing($50).

All Entry Fees to be Received by the designated Marina Wind Festival Representative.

This is family friendly event with more than just hang gliding. check out :

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Kendrick ... are you going?

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its just a bumping around the forum, nothing else.
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