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By steve555
Luckily my windows were never broken. The first car had a soft top (Suzuki samurai) the second car (Honda something) they just used a screwdriver on the lock. They did it so many times the lock eventually fell out leaving a hole in the door.
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By sg
When we were in college my roomate had a nice car with a sweet stereo, and he ALWAYS left his windows down, so they would steal the radio without smashing all the glass out AGAIN AND AGAIN :lol:
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By HuttoRhino
Why don't guys like this try it in reverse :thumbsup:

Shoot self... then attempt to shoot others!!
By stevebutler
I don't know if my reply will be posted. Dan Murphy was my instructor and I was shocked to learn he was murdered the last place we went to fly: Fort Funston, when I rode on the back of his motorcycle to watch him fly there probably back in around 1998 or so. I watched a video of Dan "maple-leafing" hundreds of feet through the air at a competition / demonstration event at Telluride that changed my opinion on safety. Dan threw out two parachutes, but neither of them took due to the slow descent of his broken glider after he'd attempted a double loop. Dan survived and was rated as the #6 acrobatic pilot in the world. He took risks and knew that he could die from flying, or from some inattentive driver cutting him off as he rode his bike. I'm sure he never dreamed some total stranger with whatever mental issues would shoot him dead for no apparent reason. At least Dan got to fly before he died. He left a legacy of thousands of people who were introduced to flying, motivated to be better, including being there and influencing Kari Castle when she was still learning to fly at Ed Levin Park in Milpitas. So very shocked and saddened to hear about what happened to Dan. Thanks for listening.
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By dievhart
Hey Steve, yeah Funston will never be the same...even 9 years later seeing this post brought up emotions...Just an awesome guy...we would kick it out there listening to Dub flying RC's... (on nonflyable days)...so sad...he had just showed up on his bike and saw a confrontation and went over to see if he could help...
One of the other two who were shot is one of my flying buddies...he still feels the hurt in his shoulder...
R.I.P. Dan

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