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By sg
(08-21) 20:43 PDT SAN FRANCISCO -- One man is dead and two others critically injured in a triple-shooting tonight at Fort Funston, San Francisco police said.

According to initial investigations, the shooter appears to have shot two victims before fatally turning the gun on himself.

The injured men were taken to a nearby hospital and were listed in critical condition, San Francisco police officer Robert Chew said.

The shooting occurred at about 7 p.m. near the western edge of the large parking lot of the park.

Police provided few other details.

Witnesses described the shooter as a thin, bearded, 5-feet-8 inches tall man who was acting strangely and seemed to be walking around the parking lot looking for a fight.

Rico Tecsom, 38, of Daly City said he just finished walking his dog when he saw the man approach the two victims, who looked as if they just finished hang gliding. The shooter appeared to start a normal, non-confrontational conversation with the two men, then pulled the gun and opened fire without provocation, Tecsom said.

"I froze," Tecsom said. "When my dog took off that's when I realized I should too. I started running."
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By sg
Fort Funtson Shootings; Man Kills SelfOne Victim Critical; Other Is Stable
By Lilian Kim
Aug. 22 - KGO - Investigators want to know why a man opened fire on two people in San Francisco's Fort Funtson area Monday night before turning the gun on himself.

It happened across from the zoo in an area frequented by dog walkers and hang gliders.

It was a busy time at Fort Funston just before 7:00 pm, when a man started shooting at two other men in the parking lot, before he apparently killed himself.

Rico Tecson was just a few feet away with his dog, when gunfire broke out.

Rico Tecson, Witness: "I froze actually, but the dog ran. That's when I realized it was a good idea, I should run too.

One of the men is in critical condition, the other is stable. Police say they have no idea why the gunman opened fire.

Rich Weideman, Golden Gate Natl. Recreation Area: "Was this random or deliberate, we don't know. It's believed that the person who shot the people was a transient. He was seen in the area, by both U.S. Park police and an off-duty police officer as looking kind of suspicious."

Fort Funston is a popular spot for dog walking and hang-gliding so police have many witness accounts.

In fact, one hang-glider saw the shooting from the air. But as frightening as this evening may have been, park visitors say they'll be coming back.

Witness: "I feel it's a still a safe place, I think it was just crazy guy who decided to do this thing here."

The two victims were taken to S.F. General. Their names haven't been released.
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By sg
Man shoots 2, kills self
Mercury News Wire Services
In what seemed to authorities to be a random act of violence, a man shot two park visitors in San Francisco's Fort Funston Monday evening in front of at least a half-dozen witnesses before killing himself, U.S. Park Police spokesman Rich Weideman said.

The victims, whose names have not been released, were taken to San Francisco General Hospital.

``I understand one is in serious condition, and one is stable,'' Weideman said.

The shooter died at the scene, an area popular with hang gliders and dog-walkers.

The shooting happened just before 7 p.m. in an area between a deck used by hang gliders and a walkway to the park's parking lot. It was a fairly crowded early evening at Fort Funston, a part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area in southwest San Francisco at Skyline and Lake Merced boulevards.

``Most of the dog-walkers were a few hundred feet away,'' Weideman said.

According to witnesses, the man opened fire without provocation. One of the victims was standing in the area, and the other was near a motorcycle in the parking lot.

``It seemed random,'' Weideman said.

The man then turned the gun on himself.

Weideman said the man, who police suspect was a transiet, had been in the parking lot area for several hours, and had attracted the attention of both the U.S. Park Police and an off-duty San Francisco police officer.

``They had kept an eye on him for awhile because he had been just wandering around, not paying attention to much, just walking around with no purpose,'' Weideman said.

The FBI was combing the scene late Monday along with the U.S. Park Police. Because the area is under federal jurisdiction, those two agencies will lead the investigation with assistance from the San Francisco Police Department.

``We have more than a half-dozen solid witnesses that saw it occur,'' Weideman said, including a hang glider who was gliding above the attack.
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By CHassan
Weideman said the man, who police suspect was a transiet, had been in the parking lot area for several hours, and had attracted the attention of both the U.S. Park Police and an off-duty San Francisco police officer.

Thats the part that gets me. Another report said he had tried to pick fights with other people too.
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By sg
I found out who the people were, and yes, both victims were hang glider pilots.
The names have not been released yet, so I cannot comment.

I knew one of the guys, not sure if I met the other one or not, its been a few years.

Sad day.
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By sg
Hang Glider Pilot In Grave Condition After Shooting
Thu, 24 Aug '06

Unprovoked Attack Came Before Suicide
An unidentified man hang-gliding at San Francisco's Fort Funston is
in critical condition after he and another hang-gliding enthusiast
were shot by a man on the ground Monday.

In fact, the FBI says 59-year old Will Smith fired at three hang-
gliders... before he turned the gun on himself. The attacks appeared

An off-duty police officer who happened to be in the national park at
the time was keeping an eye on Smith... whom he said appeared out of
place. Officers say before the attack, Smith confronted a dog-walker
at the park, as well... but without violence.

That was before the distraught man -- who was reportedly bankrupt,
and had just been evicted from his home -- opened fire with a .22
caliber pistol.

One man was hit in the head and chest just as he landed, causing life-
threatening injuries... and his condition hasn't improved. Another
man tried to run away... but was shot in the leg before he could be
helped to safety by several bystanders.

A third hang-glider pilot escaped uninjured.

Authorities are still interviewing witnesses, including those in the
local hang-gliding community. They're also trying to reach the
seriously injured man's family, who is reportedly on the East Coast.
The FBI is handling the criminal investigation.
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By sg
Hang Glider Dies Six Days After Random Shooting

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KCBS) -- A hang-gliding enthusiast who was randomly shot when he arrived for an afternoon flight, has died.

Dan Murphy, 48, was shot in the head without provocation on Monday after he pulled into the parking lot of Fort Funston.

Police say the gunman, 59-year-old Will Smith, also shot hang glider Kurt Schmitz in the back before pulling another gun from a bag and fatally shooting himself.

Witnesses said Smith had been seen hanging about the parking lot for several hours, when Murphy pulled up on his motorcycle about 7:00 p.m. After shooting the to men, Smith aimed his weapon at a third, but the weapon apparently jammed, and he pulled out the second gun and shot himself.

Murphy's rank of master as a hang-glider is the highest awarded within the sport. Friends called Murphy an adventurer who thrilled fellow hang-gliders with stunts and maneuvers that were rarely duplicated.

Daniel Pifko, the president of the Fort Funston Flying Club, says Murphy will be greatly missed.

"Dan Murphy was a real pilot's pilot," Pifko told KCBS. "He did amazing things with anything he flew. He was just a huge resource around Fort Funston.

"A lot of what we do in getting better as pilots is learn from others. He had done so many things, and he was so precise about his flying that new pilots just couldn't help but pick up things [from him], and now that he's gone, we don't have that resource anymore, we don't have someone showing the newer pilots, we don't have him showing the newer pilots the ins and outs. We're really going to miss that."

Both Murphy and Schmitz were members of a hang-gliding club that flies at Fort Funston.

Schmitz remains hospitalized following surgery this week.
I have been in shock for days.Dan Murphy was a mentor of mine in Hang Gliding.I lived with him,Ron Hess,Rac and Denny at the old school house in Montara in the early eightys when those guys were running Stratus with Todd Bowmont. I drove for them at Soda Springs ,Misson ridge and when they used to bandito off the cove near Devil slide.They were a tight group of guys and Dan Murphy was such amazing person.When I met him he was already one of the most gifted pilots I ever met,that was almost 30 years ago.......
I visited Funston a few days after the shooting and put up a little makeshift shrine,with some candles for him and Kurt.I am glad Kurt will be ok,
I cried my eyes out when I read Dan had passed on.
My heart goes out to his Family,his girlfriend and the hang gliding community ,we have all suffered a great loss in this senseless shooting......
he as my Bro and I loved me.
God Speed Dan,
With love,Teddy Mack
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By tizeagle

That was a very tragic event and the loss of 2 HG pilots. I didn't know either of them so I can't speak about them. I have spent a great deal of time in San Fran due to work and although I'm very versed in the downtown area of San Fran I'm not familiar with the area surrounding the park except by maps.

I guess I should get to my point. I love San Fran but that is one city that is :crazy: .

The city is a walking town, very few people own cars in ratio to the population. You can be walking down well lit streets and very nice areas but one turn can lead you into the gutter and plenty of vagrancy. When arriving in downtown by cab on the way to my hotel you will see vagrants pissing on a walls, begging for change, or even follow you while mumbling language that I think is English.

Also here is a very little unknown fact, and maybe Radwacker can back me up. Ten years ago give or take, when Vegas started it's marketing campaign for Vegas being a family environment (which failed horribly) in partner with the Convention and Visitors Bureau offered money to the homeless and vagrant to relocate. They even provided bus's and dropped the majority off in San Fransisco. Legal or not I don't know but I do know it happened.

It was stemmed by the very first Comdex and eventually Java (a dot com and programing conference) that was hosted in Vegas and produced by Key 3 Media. One of there provisions to host the show in Vegas was for the city to get control of there vagrancy problems. Now the show back in the day was huge and I"m talking 100s of millions brought in to the local economy.

Now the kicker is since the dot com era died pretty much so did Comdex they even canceled the 2005 show, now Java is still holding on but it has downsized dramatically. These shows used to bring my company upwards of a million just for the General Session.

I was a project manager on both shows for years until they pretty much withered away.

Sorry for being long winded just to tell the vagrant story but a little background helps.
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By sg
I lived in downtown san fran for a year on a project, and I can tell you that it ABSOLUTELY SUCKS walking anywhere if you are dressed nicely :x

You are constantly hounded by the homeless there, they are very aggressive.

I couldnt wait for the weekend so I could dress like a poor ass broke college student and be left alone :lol:

I got to know many of the "homeless" because they work the same corners every day and I take the same path to work every day. I would always laugh when I would peek down a stairwell where this one particular guy slept at night and he would have a huge roll of money in one hand has he counted it :roll:

Im not saying they got an easy life, but sheeesh, I really wish there was a solution to the problem. Its such a beautiful city.
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By knumbknuts
san francisco will make you think twice about being attracted to tall women, at least near where I lived
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By dievhart
Hey now SF is cool, or, um, windy....but yeah it has it's drawbacks :-((
(BTW it was only one HG pilot....Dan Murphy....Kurt is still recovering but out flying the fort often)

Here is what happened to me there a while back....

6Th and Market in San Fran.... :-(

Well it happened to me, my car was broken into and my bag with some hang gliding equipment, my cameras, a couple jackets and a pair of pants were all taken from SF. Don’t think parking on well lit streets or covering with dirty jackets mean anything. It happened between 4 and 12:00 Saturday night (26th). When I got to my car and noticed, I ran around the area looking for any clues or signs, anything or somebody…nothing. Frustrated and pissed as all hell at myself we went back to my friend’s house for the night around 1:00am. I taped up where my window was, set my alarm for 7am and went to sleep. Jumped up at 7 and went right back down to the area (I wasn’t going to give up that easy). After driving around for a few minutes I went over to where the homeless/drug happy gangs were and started asking where people would sell “stuff”. After a number of tries someone actually told me…”down at 6th and Market at the Carl’s Jr., but you better hurry, stuff goes fast”. With that I jumped back in my glass filled seat and got down there. I wasn’t going to park close to the place incase they saw my car and ran…..but I didn’t care at this point and parked right next to the Carl’s Jr. I open my door and there on the ground by the trash is one of my hats that were in my bag. Dang, I’m too late I thought but I’ll just go inside to check this place out. I open the door and there are people selling things on tables out of hang bags, tools and such…..I walk around and look at a few things and go out front to the main selling area. Someone would walk up with a bag and set it on the ground, people would come over and crowd around and start buying stuff. Still no sign of any of mine though, so I walk back over to my car, but looking inside I see something the color of my bridle and chute spindle. I run in and sure enough there it is with my ppt system, camera mount, one of my 2way radios and some other little things. I promptly take it ALL from him. He says how much are you going to pay me? Take a F…… hike, this is my stuff….well I just paid $30 for it all…..I could care less, show me who you paid and I’ll beat your $30 out of his head…..Then this character led me around a few blocks looking for ? who was probably standing right next to him. Eventually we came back to Carl’s Jr. to wait for the guy. He never showed back up and I felt a little bit bad for this guy, although I know he didn’t pay $30 for what he had, I bought him a cheese burger. I sat there for about three hours and sure enough I’m looking out the window and there is my bag on someone else’s shoulder. I ran out there and grabbed it, he had a fit and started yelling for his buddy. I said call your f…….. buddy because I’ll kick his f…….. ass to. Who ever he was calling ignored him. I looked in MY bag and all his stuff was in it with a few of my ties, bar mits and little things. By this time a whole crowd came and gathered around us while I’m calling this guy ever name in kingdom come. Then the nuns come over and start telling me I shouldn’t be so attached to these things and I should just go pray to god. I said maybe these things are my god and these are what I use to pray……so I asked her are you attached to your clothes, your personal things? Why don’t I take them from you and tell you to go pray and see how you feel…..I was pissed and they just came at me at the wrong time, all the crack heads and feens were saying “man you should be nice to the ladies and show some respect” I told them to f….. off and show me some respect and give me back my stuff and quit doing this s---. Well I took all my stuff and put it in the bag, dumped this second guys stuff on the first guy and went back to waiting. It was hard to watch person after person come to that area with another bag and have a crowd gather around and start the frenzy. I must have stayed there for another hour or two before I couldn’t stand it and had to leave.

6th and Market but don’t go there and do what I did unless you know how to protect you self (from someone who all ready doesn’t care too much about life).

Some things that I could not get back…..

Hang Gliding Wheels (air stream, pneumatic, mount on base tube)(in my pictures)

Breadbox vaio with PVC mount. (in my pictures)

XC lightweight glider bag and batten/tip bags

7x10 Binoculars

130# Braided Dacron, my weak links L

2 Jackets, 1 pants, 2 sweatshirts

Sharp 4.0 mp digital camera with 256sd card.(used to take all my pictures)

Toshiba 4.0 mp digital camera with 128sd card w/ remote

1 gig, 256, 64 and 32 sd cards :-(

Lee Helmet w/ folding chin (in my pictures)

Camel pack

YASEU VX-150 2Meter Ham Radio
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By Nibs
That really sucks, though I'm glad you got at least some of your stuff back. I can't believe you went around asking people where you could buy stuff. I would have never thought anyone would actually give me an answer.
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By steve555
First time your car gets broken into totally sucks. :punch:
But after about the 25th time you get used to it. :|
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By tony7kp
:shock: where do you live for your car to be broken into 25 times...
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By sg
I think he lives with da boyz in da hood :lol: Strange movie. Remember the guy with the pacifier in his mouth all the time :rofl:

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By steve555
It was actually more than that I just stopped keeping track at around 25.

South side of Pittsburgh.
It’s kind of a cultural/party district. The main drag has over 32 bars in one 10 block stretch. Something like 70 liqueur licenses in all. There was a rec. center and a high school nearby so every basketball game and football game my car would get broken into. The first car got it the worst. It was targeted by this retarded kid who would pretend to drive. I’d get in and you could tell all of the buttons and controls were messed with. I even had a guy living in there for a while. I finally caught him sleeping in there and realized I knew him so I just let him sleep.

The most frustrating part is they would continue to BREAK IN even though I left the doors unlocked.
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By sg
steve555 wrote: The most frustrating part is they would continue to BREAK IN even though I left the doors unlocked.
Thats because these guys know that opening doors sets off the cheap car alarms that come free with cars. They do it out of habit :lol:
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By tony7kp
opening an unlocked car sets off the alarm, while breaking into the car doesn't. that must of been a really cheap car alarm. :lol:
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By sg
Yup, I had a car like that. The freebie alarms typically only detect doors being opened. So they just smash your window in instead :x

I had my car broken into once while in Dallas TX. They smashed the window, crawled inside, ripped the stereo out, and destroyed the entire front paneling of the car for a $300 stereo. They had to basically replace the entire inside front of the car from below the dash all the way up to the windshield. Stupid.

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