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Im doing a lot of work to get ready to move to the new hardware this saturday.
So expect some glitches here and there.

Site will by down Saturday for a while for the final migration.
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By selbaer
it just took me about 60 sec to load some other HG site :crazy:
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By sg
Cause they lack SG server tuning muscle :punch: :lol:

I just checked my servers response time for the org front page internally.

0.03 seconds :mosh:

The time YOU see is because of the time it takes to shoot the data across the internet and for your browser to paint the page.
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By designbydave
The site does seem speedier. Thanks SG!
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By knumbknuts
selbaer wrote:it just took me about 60 sec to load some other HG site :crazy:
That's okay, it only takes 60 sec to read it.
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By Avnav8r
Hey SG,

Thanks for all you do for this great site!!!

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