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By dievhart
Interesting....I wonder if it would still have the struts...or just beefy sidewires...and how much flex would the frame still have while being somewhat light....
That setup there looks fun like it is...sort of a floater trike....I want one...me an a friend put my old Illusion on a light trike and flew it around a bit......miss my trainer Paul Splan...
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By AndRand
Struts are essential for this design.
According to WW, good streamline strut can generate as much drag as a sidewire.
http://www.willswing.com/images/feature ... 00_690.jpg
Thus the glider should generate the same amount of drag as standard FOX minus that created by kingpost with all related wiring.
With weight only maybe 1kg bigger (of one empty strut).
By Hoosier_Eagle

Cool dune gooning video + dune goon fail video = healthy cautionary note for pilots attempting dune gooning for first time

I just hope the pilot was okay. For me, it is a good reminder of something that red said on another post: Have someone with you, even a non-pilot, especially when starting to learn this sort of thing.

Wish me luck, I will be at OBX later this month, and with my first action camera too. After seeing this, I think I will start on a nice high dune (like Jockey's Ridge) and take sled runs for a while...quite a while...maybe even the whole time I am there.

Tortuga's lie, here I come!

By Roadrunner
Sure looks like some Fun going on in that Video.
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By dayhead
When gooning like that, where it's marginal enough that I have to work close in, I prefer not to wear a harness.

I've stuck a tip and managed to get it back up with aggressive piloting, but there's times when I know I'm gonna ground loop. Instead of riding the glider downwind into the ground, while I'm still low and slow I just bail out of the thing. I believe it's less dangerous to bail than it is to ride the thing to the scene of the crash.

And without my weight on it the glider is less likely to be damaged.

I'm not advising anyone to fly without a harness. But just give me a sand dune, a big kite, 12 to 16 mph wind, and no harness no helmet no shoes no shirt. Hang Gliding the way it oughta be. Priceless.
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10 min, from LAX airport.

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