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By skypimp
Think I am going after work on Saturday,

anyone want a ride with me ?

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By lgardner
Not to worry mates, no dead squirrel tell tails or power lines.
So far I have gotten quite a few requests for info regarding the Marina race.
As for the Pro's being there, most of them will be at the Florida meet. That said,
I expect a very interesting race with no single individual to take the Prize money for 1-3rd places in the Topless class.
Last year the Kingpost class was really a hot race, local Don Martin on a ragged out Litesport won. The Sport 2's were hot on Don's tail with a contingent of other Kingposters not far behind...this will be the race to watch.

There will be the usual BBQ for pilots and race officials on Saturday night, BYOB. Others wanting to attend the BBQ, please let me know early Saturday (donations will be accepted).

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By Skyhighwoman

Who's coming?

We will be there Friday afternoon to spend the weekend. We will be at the RV park.

I should have an extended version of last year's Steeple chase. It has much more footage of Konrad's helmet cam, overall flying and some outtakes.

Bring the video cam and be ready for some flying!

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By Skyhighwoman
16 total comp pilots not that many on Sunday. A mix bag of pilots -One from Hawaii (2nd owner of Western HG), 2 from SoCal, a few locals, a McClure pilot and to finish off the pack were Bay Area pilots.

We may not of had the top dogs there this time but we had a good competition between the Aero’s (Brian aka Noman) and a Litespeed RS (John). The kingposted also had a good race. John H has flown the Steeple chase before and he was the one to beat this year. Not even Kenny showed up between work and family stuff he could not come. We missed ya Kenny well I am not speaking for the comp pilots :wink: I am sure they did not. Although I thought Don M who came in 3rd had the best turn at the turn point. His time was slower than a kingposted Laminar by 3 secs. :crazy:

My job this year was the turn point 3miles out. The most boring job you can have when the action is slow. I did get some good footage of the turn point. But that meant I missed all the action going on at the ramp between free flyers and comp pilots. I guess there was a close call and one resulted in a pilot breaking a DT. This same pilot broke another DT returning low and slow trying to eeeck it across back to ramp. I got some video but Rex caught it on the SLR. I think he was lucky not too had taken out a family. But a true comp pilot was not worried about the broken DT but what was his time. :crazy: :shock:

Most pilots ran two some ran three on Saturday. The fastest time was 9:42 on up to 25 mins or more. The next day everybody only ran one. I forget the time ~14 mins. One guy tried for two and ended up having a loooooong walk. A SoCal pilot on a Litespeed landed pass the turn point tried to relaunch and ended back on the beach. He broke down and hitches a ride back from the turnpoint judges.

Saturday the conditions started nicely and picked up from there. Sunday it started out okay picked up for what was looking like a nice day and then died down. :ahh:

I did not get as much as video as last year but I think got enough to put something together. I am hoping Noman gives me his in air video. If anybody else has the action for Saturday for the launch and finish that would be cool to add footage. I will be sure to give you credit.

I think I missed Noman landing it was exciting especially when he was heading towards the ocean and a sloping beach. He pulled it off no problem. :shock:

John H 1st Litespeed RS
Brian H 2nd Aeros (Noman3)
Don M. 3rd Litespeed

Sport class

Tom aka Dogboy 1st Laminar (?) vg
Urs K - 2nd Region 2 director Laminar - ? Easy (no vg)
Scott W. (cost him more in DT’s than he won in prize money) – 3rd Sport 2

I’ll post the times tonight if someone else does not beat me to it. This time I went to award ceremony and got the official times.
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By Skyhighwoman

John 8:54 Sat. Sun 15.47
Brian aka Noman Sat 9:15 Sun 15:44
Don Sat 9:45 and Sun 18:37 don was a La mouette not a LS

Dogboy Sat 9:42 Sun 17:58
Urs Sat 12:34 and Sun 20:52
Scott Sat 14:15 and Sun 25:05

I think last years it was just over 6min for the short course and 13mins or so for the long course. It is really hard to compare since conditions were not the same.

I am just the messager so if there is an error do not blame me. :wink: Back to work on my video :mrgreen:
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By Spark
:thumbsup: Noman3 :thumbsup:
By noman3
Spark wrote::thumbsup: Noman3 :thumbsup:

thanks spark
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By Sky_Walker
Nicely done Noman


Thanks for all the video guys, I hate all of you that fly the coastal sites.


Someday I've got to get out there

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By mlbco
I flew my Millennium around the course for fun on Sunday. The wind had gotten pretty light and one racer had already hit the beach when I launched. When I returned to the ramp I was flying downwind with little lift and decided to beach land beyond the ramp. Here's a video from my helmet camera (not nearly as exciting as Noman's).


By noman3
nice video,u can really see the site better from that perspective.I did not have much time to take in the sites,lol. :shock:
By miguel
Congrats to Noman3.

You got you some and made us proud. :mrgreen:
By Steffn
[responding to Christofu]

We made 3 videos you can find on YouTube that provide some site intro for H3s:




Part 1 is basically a walk & talk of the dunes, part 2 is launches, and part 3 is landings. Some day we'll do a Part 0 that covers things like beach set up/tear down in wind, how to read the water, etc.
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By sg
Steffn wrote:[responding to Christofu]

We made 3 videos you can find on YouTube that provide some site intro for H3s:




Part 1 is basically a walk & talk of the dunes, part 2 is launches, and part 3 is landings. Some day we'll do a Part 0 that covers things like beach set up/tear down in wind, how to read the water, etc.
Welcome to the org :thumbsup:

I created a flying site page for Marina on the WIKI and added your videos to it.


Looking for more people to flesh out Marina's wiki page
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