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3/19/2009 New social Hang Glider Picture site goes LIVE!

After all the USHPA shenanigans, we need something positive, so im happy to announce this new feature of HangGliding.org which will help promote the sport even more.

Ive created a new "social" sub-site to HangGliding.org

It allows users to upload their best HG pics and then....
1) Users and the PUBLIC can rate the pictures
2) Users can come back and see how their best pics RANK compared to all the others
3) People can comment on the pics
4) Reporting - Ranks are tracked over time. There is a Hall of Fame for pics with huge votes and ratings. There is a report of the TOP pictures every month, worst rated, top rated, etc
5) Social mechanisms - there are easy to use links to allow people to post the BEST pictures to popular social sites like Digg and Reddit, Facebook, MySpace, etc.
6) It generates code to allow you to embed your picture onto forums and other websites, that link it back to the collection
7) There is an RSS feed if you want to be fed all the news pics in your favorite RSS reader
8 ) more to come....

Go for it :mosh:
I allowed some early testers to provide some pics. Check it out!

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By Wingspan34
It should be neat to see how this "develops". :mrgreen:

I just bought a new DSLR and am chomping at the bit to get some good hang gliding action shots. Now I'll have a place to showcase them. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

PS - Not to mention seeing what other people are doing.
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By sg
You can submit all your cool photos, and then come back to the "MY" report and see how your pics rank compared to all the others

It will show each of your pics ranks
If you had pics uploaded, and clicked THIS link, you would see each pics rank

So be sure to vote. The "hottest" pics will be used to post social networking sites to get more eye balls for the sport :thumbusp:
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By sg
Sorry....I found a bug... and had to reset all the vote counts. Fortunately, caught this early before we had months of voting in place :wink:

Please take the time to vote on the pics. Let the cream rise to the top :mosh:
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By sg
Daaaaaaaaaaaang, this one was just uploaded

sg wrote:Daaaaaaaaaaaang, this one was just uploaded

That's Dave Crafts...incredible pilot demoing a Litespeed in that shot... :mosh:
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By sg
Check out the current top 10 for april.

There is still time to submit your pic. We need more for the april mini-contest
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