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By piano_man
Bump for Deckard regarding safety. Check out post # 3 by Jason.
Click on the link -great aviation quotes- once there click on "safety" .
Two I find i lean on often are ;-


Quit Taking It Personally


Have the feeling, don't be had by it.

Both very helpful when experiencing earache from brother pilots or alone on launch , itchy to fly and ignoring the little voice suggesting waiting a while.

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By magentabluesky
A couple of true briefings:

The I’m Scared, You’re Scared Briefing

If I’m scared and you’re scared, let’s go do something different, and feel free to speak up when you’re scared.

We did something different a few times.

The other one was:

If I have my head up my a_s, please let me know, and feel free to extricate it.


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